Ghostwriter is an assisted journaling program that helps you explore your life and your future in story. Using natural language processing and a specially designed narrative engine, Ghostwriter contextually prompts you to co-author a story about topics you’re interested in examining.

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“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

— Bill Gates

Storytelling Power

We had a hunch.

As a team we thought that storytelling is one of the most powerful technologies that we have at our disposal. Could storytelling positively affect how we interact with the world around us, and the decisions that we make?

Exploring Storytelling

After considering how story affects the way that we live, we looked to others.

Essentially we asked people two questions:
How do you use story?
How does story affect you?

What we found was sometimes unexpectedly personal, but illuminating to us and even moreso to the people we spoke to.

What Did We Learn?

Storytelling works naturally as a...
Sensemaking aid (how we make sense of our world)
Speculation aid (how we consider the future)
Visualization aid (how we visualize, things)

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Story and Our World

Further, it seemed that our imagination for the future was limited to the stories that we’ve been told and the stories that we tell ourselves. And often, we are unwilling to consider the future in which not everything goes to plan.

What if story could be used to simultaneously contexualize our present situation, and use that knowledge to create an optimal path toward an optimal future?


Ghostwriter is a personal narrative engine for knowing yourself, and approaching the future with confidence.

Genesis Prompt

Where every story begins. Ghostwriter provides a contexually aware prompt to help you consider your surroundings.


To help us explore our stories more in depth. Ghoswriter provides clarifying questions.


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