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Design, Code; Create.

Design, Code; Create.

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Could we create a conversational UI that seeks to learn everything that you know?

I've been thinking a lot about how we digest information, and how we learn better with incremental knowledge absorption. I remember being filled with a lot of random facts as a kid, but nowadays I find myself struggling to remember the artists of my fav songs. Is this due to how we digest information, and its availability? Im reminded of how Bill Gates remembers what he reads, he uses history as a framework where he is then able to place all the knowledge that he acquires.

Somewhat related, somewhat not, could we interact with something a little smarter than a plank to help us solidify what we learn? What if it was a conversational UI that incrementally got "smarter" as we learned more.

Would it help us retain information better? Would we have a better understanding of what we know?


Just watched an episode of yappie despite prior aversions to Wong Fu Films. But I was surprised and a little shook. Am I seeking to be a young asian professional? Stable job, loves basketball. Boring?




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