After School Projects

After School Projects

After School Projects

In tribute of simpler days and simpler joys. We like to keep it simple here.



Strategy, Web Development, Creative Direction


Aidan Galassetti

Finding Identity

In the midst of a tumultous world that we have grown up in, it seems ever more difficult to figure out who you are and what you like to do. Popular media often popularizes certain pathways when in reality, it might not actually be what you want to do. After School Projects stands to remember the things that we have continuously enjoyed, the normal things, because those normal things are still quite beautiful.


It started one late night/early morning in the dorms. Still sleeping at 3am just because we could...


We were wide awake though, powered by the surge of inspiration as our experiences of the past and our hopes for the future came together on a window of seventh floor dormitory.


Sharing our Lens

We wanted to bring people back to the basics, to show them there is still enjoyment in the little things as long as you look for it, and cultivate it. So, we decided to start spreading this message through a series of art galleries in our home town. In these art galleries we showcased friends, and friends of friends, who had things that they loved to do. We featured, poetry, photography, cinematography, and live performance.

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Next Steps

From local, we wanted to take our vision onward. So, we turned to the web as our platform, I learned web development for this part.


Though currently this project is on stand still, the message that we set out to speak still holds true. I would like to continue this vein of exploration in the near future.


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