Design, Code; Create.

Design, Code; Create.


My name is Tim, I'm currently a fourth year at the University of Washington studying Interaction Design & Computer Science.



Summer '19 Internships
Winter/Spring '19 Internships
Full-Time Employment!

I don't like to confuse movement with progress, but I only found that out after a lot of movement. I enjoy purposeful design, genuine people, deep conversations around the fireplace, immersive and cohesive experiences. Technology is my preferred design medium. Feel free to reach me through anything listed below.

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Could we create a conversational UI that seeks to learn everything that you know?

I've been thinking a lot about how we digest information, and how we learn better with incremental knowledge absorption. I remember being filled with a lot of random facts as a kid, but nowadays I find myself struggling to remember the artists of my fav songs. I think this is partially due to how we digest information, and its availability. Anyways, after watching how Bill Gates remembers what he reads and I was reminded of what computer scientists call "rubber ducking". What if we could interact with something a little smarter than a rubber duck to help us solidify what we learn. What if it was a conversational UI that incrementally got "smarter" as we learned more.

Would it help us retain information better? Would we have a better understanding of what we know? Would we be learn how to be more patient?


Just watched an episode of yappie despite prior aversions to (bleh) Wong Fu Films. But I was surprised and a little shook. Was I seeking to be a young asian professional? Stable job, loves basketball, boring? I think there's value in some of those things, and we asians-americans are in an interesting spot here. Do we choose to play things "safe" and satisfied, or do we pursue our dreams without reservation?




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